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Ford Reveals 2010 Mustang Detail Photos

Staff Report

Ford is showing their masterful foreplay talents.

09-10-08: Ford has been teasing us silly in the past few days. First it was the slew of “accidental” spy photos taken of the carefully orchestrated variety of 2010 Mustangs and 2010 Ford Shelby GT-500 models paraded around Dearborn. We say carefully, because the camouflage was removed to make sure we could all see the Le Mans stripes on the Shelby. After all, we want people to know what they aren’t supposed to be seeing right?

So today Ford releases some really nice detail photos of the 2010 Mustang that shows where some of the distinctive styling elements have evolved. The new car is of course a mild re-skin of the current 2005-2009 Mustang, but every square inch of the car is changed. These photos look a lot more seductive than grainy spy photos in the rain as well.


What we see in today’s examples are a higher attention to details like the jeweled headlights, the mild kick up at the side door and rear quarter, signs of a dramatically improved interior scape, and some fine sculpting of things like emblems and wheels. What it appears Ford has been doing to the Mustang in the past few years is raising the bar, answering some of the criticisms of cheap looking "plain Jane-isms".


The car will still be the S-197 Mustang we have all loved, but the teenager’s body is growing into an adult. The GT-500 models we saw this week have grown more muscular. The GT has grown a mustache, and V6 models don’t look so basic.

What Ford Says:

It all begins at the grille. Mustang chief designer Douglas Gaffka explains that this week’s reveal image provides not just a glimpse of the upcoming pony car, but it hints at the design philosophy behind the 2010 Mustang.

“The new Mustang will be a distinct presence on the road,” said Gaffka. “Everything flows from the shark-nose front; it sets up the direction and tension of all the surfaces. It’s even more aggressive than before- it’s a modern interpretation of the strong Mustang lineage.”

Senior designer Robert Gelardi echoes, “Every element on this car, including the leading edge, is a cohesive, connected part of this new chapter in Mustang DNA. Both the exterior and interior are modern and dynamic, yet you’ll recognize the Mustang’s strong bloodline.”

Strong, dynamic lines and sinuous sculptural wheel arches give the impression that the 2010 Mustang is ready to strike. “The sheetmetal is taut and strong, like an Olympic runner ready to take off,” added exterior design manager George Saridakis. “The resulting shapes communicate movement and energy.”

But the overall shape is only part of the next chapter in the Mustang story. Every detail, no matter how small, was executed with world-class design and craftsmanship. “Both the interior and exterior are full of precise, jeweled details,” says design manager Gary Morales. “Whether it’s the headlamps, badging and wheels outside, or the gauges, steering wheel and air registers inside, you’ll see the care and quality that went into the design,” adds Gelardi.

You can see larger versions of these and dozens more photos our complete 2010 Mustang Photo Gallery

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