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2010 Ford Mustang Hood Design Revealed

Staff Report

New "Power Dome" hood to come standard.

10-22-08: It’s becoming a habit, the need to check in with Ford each week to see what morsel of Mustang goodness they are going to share. As we lead up to the November 19th debut of the new 2010 Mustang, excitement is high and we’ll take the bones thrown at us. Although, spy photos have shows us almost everything already, it is just as fun to get the real stuff straight from Ford.

The new “Power Dome” hood is said to be a standard piece of sheet metal on the 2010 Mustang. Even the V6 mules we have seen spy shots of are wearing this new highly sculpted bonnet. While it is not certain whether this will be part of an optional upgrade package on the V6 or not, it will definitely be standard on the GT.

Other sites have reported that in addition to bolder styling over the current Mistang’s flat as a Motel 6 bed hoods, the new hood provides more space for a beefier strut brace. Likely, but we think styling is the key. The photo above definitely mimics the lines of the ‘67-68 Mustang with the hood step up just off the leading edge, but also the slight ridge at the fender’s edge. Though it is not nearly as pronounced as in the vintage cars.


Ford Says:

Mustang enthusiasts always have loved the power of America’s favorite muscle car. A glance at the hood showcases the power waiting to be unleashed as the potent nature of the 2010 Mustang is amplified by aggressive sculptural surfacing on the all-new hood. “The strong powerdome punches outward from the hood surface, further emphasizing the powerful engines underneath,” said Design Manager George Saridakis. “It’s practically bursting through the surface.”

The2010 Mustang indeed is ready to charge forward. But with that brute strength are touches of beauty and style as well. “The subtle surface changes on the fender edge make for a more dynamic design,” said Chief Designer Douglas Gaffka. “The softer, blended-in surfacing of the wheel arch creates a much-more flowing look, giving the car an appearance of a wider stance,” added Saridakis.

All the better for 2010 Mustang drivers to leap off the line. “The 2010 Mustang is all about crafting a world-class car,” said Senior Designer Robert Gelardi. “Everywhere you look, exterior and interior, there’s attention to detail in design, engineering and manufacturing befitting this American icon.”

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