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2010 Ford Mustang Gear Shift Revealed

Staff Report

Sold metal gearshift knob continues retro theme.

10-15-08: This week’s glimpse of the new 2010 Mustang shows off the genuine solid aluminum gear shifter. It looks pretty cool but it is actually very hot - particularly in the summer time. Yep, there is nothing like wrapping your bare palm around a hot piece of solid metal when your car has been parked on a 100 degree summer day. We hope Ford has given those of us who live in the southern states an option here, because we have to put a sock over metal knobs to keep from getting burned when we drive.

We will have to get our friends over at SteedShop.com to start offering a leather shift knob bootie for 2010 Mustang owners to keep them from suffering second degree burns when driving their new cars.


The other thing this slick new ball tells us is that the Mustang will continue to give us a 5-Speed manual instead of a 6-speed. Who cares if the competition from Chevrolet and Chrysler all have standard 6-speeds as well as many cars costing half what a Mustang GT will. Bold Moves. As past SVT and Mustang Chief John Coletti once said, “Why do you need two overdrive gears?”

The upshot to our glimpse into the future today is a much more handsome looking console. The finishes are of a higher sheen and quality of detail. The construction of the new console is much more mod friendly now as well, allowing for much easier custom treatments like body color paint or leather accents.

Ford Says:

Attention to detail means everything to the team members who designed, engineered and built the 2010 Mustang. Take the manual transmission shift knob of the Premier Package, for example

“Driving enthusiasts prefer a round shift ball,” said Chief Designer Douglas Gaffka. “We listened to our customers and executed their wishes in a world-class manner for improved driving dynamics.” This new round manual shift knob will be available on all 2010 Mustangs, or if customers prefer, they can choose a leather-wrapped shift knob.

The shifter panel on the center console mirrors the world-class fit and finish found throughout the 2010 Mustang interior.

“The same attention to detail and precise engineering on the instrument panel was also applied to the shift boot and chrome trim ring,” said Design Manager Gary Morales. “First, we went through several material choices for the new boot design until we achieved a higher-quality appearance.”

“Then we precisely mounted the boot and chrome ring sublflush to the console, matching the air registers on the instrument panel,” adds Senior Designer Robert Gelardi. “This clean, consistent design means you’ll know everything was precisely crafted for the 2010 Mustang. And, of course, honest American muscle meant the Premier shift knob had to be real aluminum.

“Otherwise it wasn’t going in our new Mustang.”


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