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Steve Saleen Announces 2010 SMS Mustang

Story by Sam Haymart

Steve will continue to put power in the hands of a few.

12-16-08: With all the news about the fall of Saleen Inc. in the past couple of years, one had to be a bit sad about it. Those of us who have been around the Mustang corral for a while have come to appreciate Steve Saleen’s style of car as well as his passion to innovate.

The good news is when Steve left the company with his name on the building, he didn’t give up on building great cars. With his new company SMS named from his initials behind him, he has announced plans to build new high-performance Mustangs again based on the 2010 models just unveiled.



This spring, the company will introduce the 2010 Signature Series SMS 460 Mustangs. Not much in the way of specifics have been announced, but the teaser pic above shows a new look that has some of the Saleen styling DNA with a new twist.

“After 25 years of rich Mustang heritage, I am excited to begin work on the 2010 model” explains Steve. “Ford has hit the spot with the excellent new Mustang package and has provided me with an outstanding starting point. “The SMS 460 Mustangs will be truly world class performance vehicles and they will be available though the entire Ford dealer network!”

Saleen stated that the new SMS 460 Mustangs will be fully certified and street legal. Power will come from a supercharged 4.6L engine with power ratings from 475 to over 650 horsepower. Our best supposition is that the technology will be evolutionary of recent Saleen supercharged power plants including the S281 SC and S281-E models.

One of the new Saleen touches will be the patented SMS Red Butterfly Induction hood and a full compliment of SMS ultra-high performance components. We are told to look for all-new and upgraded drive-train, suspension, aerodynamics, tires, wheels and interior that are in keeping with Saleen’s past creations.

Steve Saleen brought his long time styling chief Phil Frank with him to be a part of the new company. Frank has been instrumental in the design of most Saleen products in the past decade and is an important part of the new team at SMS.

“The 2010 Mustang already has an exciting and sculptural exterior, as well as new, up-scale interior,” notes Frank, SMS Chief Creative Officer. “The SMS 460 Mustangs will evolve our design DNA in a more aggressive and aerodynamic direction.”

Cars will be built in low volumes at first and on a first come, first served basis. You can learn more soon at their website www.smssupercars.com.

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