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Steve Saleen's SMS 25th Anniversary Mustang Concept

Staff Report

The man we all know for his robust cars continues to create.

07-08-08: Steve Saleen is still hard at work with his passion. Though Saleen Inc. is no longer the place he goes to work in the morning, he continues to do what he does best. Since starting his new company SMS Limited USA, he has unveiled plans and concepts that include the new SMS Dodge Challenger. It was only a matter of time we all hoped that he would show signs that he would remain part of the Mustang realm.

This week he did exactly that by announcing a new concept car to continue his legacy. While he is no longer with Saleen Inc, the car itself seems much familiar if not nearly identical to the Saleens we have all come to know and love. The body accouterments are much the same with exception to the special hood and new rear tail light panel. The SMS 25th Anniversary Concept is said to be a one off “personal car” for Steve Saleen, to commemorate his lineage in the Mustang upfitting business.

No production plans are immediate, and there would seemingly be legal issues to be ironed out between Steve Saleen and his former company before there could be copies for sale. But lets not allow the details and lawyer stuff to get in the way of checking out this sweet ride.


While it looks similar to previous Saleen models, there is more under the hood than meets the eyes. SMS has built this car as much to showcase their capability and expertise, to signal to the market that they are every but as strong a force as Saleen Inc. "In celebration of my 25 years in the niche manufacturing business I wanted to create a personal car for myself that appropriately marks this very special Anniversary. The functional aesthetic innovations that we have developed are truly exceptional in every way. Though this car is not going to be for sale, it nevertheless demonstrates the technological advances present at SMS," says Steve Saleen, Chairman of SMS Limited.

One of the new features showcased on the car is their patented “Red Butterfly“ induction system and the SMS “Light Blade” LED Taillight System that spans the width of the car at the rear. The butterfly hood system has simulated throttle plates that open and flutter much akin to those seen on NHRA dragsters and provide a cool visual cue. Saleen adds, “When those butterflies crack open under throttle, people stop and stare, you can be sure you will see those on our future products. And when you are passed by this car and the full width sequential turn signals come on, you will be just as awestruck!"

Of course the mainstay of the SMS 25th Anniversary Concept is the 720 fire breathing engine beneath those red butterflies. With a built up 5.0 liter engine based on the Mustang’s stock 4.6, a supercharger and intercooler can crank up the boost for amazing power. "My Anniversary cars were always the most powerful of the breed and this car continues that tradition, as this engine produces 720 Horsepower at the crank and 612 Horsepower at the rear wheels! And the exhaust note truly is something else,“ says Saleen.

The car also has familiar features such as cross drilled 15" 6-Piston front disc-brakes and an SMS branded billet aluminum Watts link rear suspension. Steve is very excited about the car. “The performance is astounding; the SMS 25th Anniversary Mustang has reached nearly the same levels of performance as was previously achieved in the S7 Twin Turbo,” he says. “It is not everyday that the word Supercar is associated with a Mustang, but in this case it is appropriate. The team and I are very excited about the vehicle as it incorporates an entirely new platform of technological advances by SMS, and it is a testament to what our company is capable of. We look forward to it touring the show circuit this summer to show that we are in the business of power!"

Concept Car Features:

* SMS 720 HP Supercharged 5.0L Aluminum Block V8
* SMS CNC Ported Saleen Supercharger
* SMS CNC Aluminum Heads
* SMS Red Butterfly™ Induction System
* 720 HP/612 WHP
* 667 TQ/565 WTQ
* 6-Speed Transmission
* SMS Light Blade™ LED Tail Light System
* SMS Billet Aluminum Watts Link System
* SMS Cross Drilled 15" 6-Piston Front Brakes
* SMS Cross Drilled 12" Rear Brakes
* SMS Two Piece Billet Aluminum Hood Vents
* SMS Carbon Fiber Side Splitters
* SMS Carbon Fiber Diffuser Fences
* SMS Red Butterfly™ Quarter Intakes
* SMS Chromosome™ Silver Paint
* SMS Leather Grip Billet Aluminum Shifter and Shifter Bezel
* SMS Leather Dash
* SMS Leather Two Tone Door Inserts
* SMS Leather Two Tone Seats

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