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2010 Ford Ka To Debut In Paris

Staff Report

Will Ford's hip, slick and cool micro-car come to the USA?

08-01-08: Ford has been building and selling the Ka micro-car around the world for over a decade. As far as basic transportation goes, the Ka sets the standard for style and fun to drive with just a dash of funky. Considerably smaller than the Ford Focus and even the upcoming Ford Fiesta “B-car“, consider the Ka roughly about the size of a 1990 Geo Metro. It is small, a car with a singular purpose.

While the American press loved the car, as have the owners around the world except in the United States, the Ka has never been offered for sale here in the land of the full sized SUV. Everywhere else in the world, this fashionable micro-car is available in various forms, even a small pickup.


Things might be changing however. The first all-new Ford Ka since the first generation was introduced some 12 years ago will debut at the Paris Auto Show in October. Its successor captures the same youthful and cheeky spirit and retains all of the qualities which made the Ka so popular. Its compact size, great looks, lively dynamics and fun personality are all there but in a fresh new package.

If the new Ka looks like a scaled down Focus, Kuga, or Modeo, it is no accident. Using the corporate Kinetic Design language, the new Ka shares a number of visual cues to provide a connection to the original Ka. But with its distinctive face and chunky proportions the new model has its own unique character.

Throughout its 12-year life the Ka has remained tremendously popular among small-car buyers, inspiring fierce loyalty from its owners. In total, Ka production has exceeded 1.4 million vehicles. With it’s small 1.4 and 1.6 liter engines, the Ka has been able to provide stellar gas mileage of about 45 mpg combined city/highway and up to 57mpg out on the road!

"We are very excited about the launch of the new Ka", said Roelant de Waard, Chairman and Managing Director, Ford of Britain. "The original has been a huge hit in the UK with a sales record of over 480,000 – 80 per cent of which have been to retail customers, and many of those first-time buyers. I'm confident that the latest design will prove just as big a hit", he added.

Further information on the new Ford Ka range will be released in time for the Paris Motor Show in early October 2008 including engines and specifications. With the sea change in the American car market, Ford has to be considering the value of a car like this now here at home. While the safety gurus at Dearborn will say that size matters, the customers are saying that efficiency matters. While the Ford Fiesta will be coming soon, this entry could be just as lucrative offering an even more efficient and less expensive model. But if you like the Ka and want to buy one here we would not recommend holding your breath just yet.


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