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2011 Mustang 5.0 Spotted


What's old is new again as first photos of new motor surface.

01-21-09: The almost too perfect spy-shots of future Ford products keep coming from Brenda Priddy and Co. It's almost as if the guys over at that little office on Rotunda Drive in Dearborn pick up the phone and call them saying, "Come on by, there might be a car with the hood open parked out in front for the next 15 minutes".


None the less, we have known that the Mustang will get a 5.0 liter motor again someday. The question has not been if, but what and how much? This photo clearly illustrates that the new motor that has been coined as the "Coyote" is of a new architecture. This means it is not just a larger version of the current modular engines.

It has been reported that this engine has 4-valves per cylinder and can crank out 400 naturally aspirated ponies. This is of course a welcome bit of news.

What is hard to tell by inspection at this point is whether or not this engine has an OHC or OHV valve-train. The heads almost look too small to house a set of cams like the current crop of Modular 4V engines. While it is almost expected that a new engine like this will have direct injection for more power and efficiency, it is difficult to tell at this point whether this is true here. The fuel rails appear pretty standard fare, but it still could be. Time will tell.

Rumor is that Ford will pull the kimono open some more perhaps in April at the New York Auto Show and the MCA Mustang 45th Anniversary Event. Until then, enjoy the buzz.

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