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Mustangs Across America Breaks All Records For 2009 Drive

Staff Report

Over 340 Mustangs from 11 countries and 39 states so far!

10-28-08 - Phoenix, AZ: Building up excitement for the Mustang’s 45th Birthday, the Mustangs Across America caravan drive has over 345 cars signed up for the drive this week. The 2009 Mustangs Across America 45th Anniversary Drive has officially broken the record of 334 cars set in 2004 with the 40th Anniversary Drive.

The planned Mustang road trip is headed from Las Vegas, NV to Birmingham, AL to attend Mustang Club of America’s big Mustang 45th Anniversary Bash. The planned 5-day road trip adventure winds its way across America’s heartland, stopping for visits and fun in several cities and states while tracing parts of Route 66, Interstate 40 and into the South.


Records have also been broken in the amount of foreign participants who have signed up for the 2009 Mustangs Across America 45th Anniversary Drive. This year attendees are coming from over 10 countries including Australia, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Over 75 registered parties are coming from abroad for the Mustangs Across America 45th Anniversary Drive, which is an all time record for the event.

Mustang enthusiasts from all over the United States are also well represented with participants from over 38 of the 50 states including even Alaska. Mustangs of nearly all vintages and model designations will be participating in the caravan road trip, representing the breed from 1964 through 2009 and beyond.

“To have so many people planning to make this historic Mustang drive with us in 2009 is a humbling testament to the Mustang spirit”, says event coordinator Sam Haymart. “Despite the gloom and doom of our economic news in the past year, the enthusiasm of the open road and desire to be a part of this event has risen above it all”.

Mustangs Across America organizes the convoy drive with a schedule of about 400 miles a day with planned staging areas, lunch stops, and overnight accommodations. The group works with local chambers of commerce, clubs, and sponsors to add local events, tours, and gatherings along the five-day road trip. Enthusiasts are welcome to join in the adventure for the entire trip or just for a short segment or two.

Registration for the Mustangs Across America 45th Anniversary Drive is open through April 5th, 2009. The group believes they will have upwards of 500 Mustangs as part of the convoy that will roll into Birmingham, AL on April 15th, 2009. The official fates for the Mustangs Across America 45th Anniversary Drive are April 11-15, 2009. The group is planning to attend the separately organized event by Mustang Club of America which goes from April 17-19, 2009.

For more information on the Mustangs Across America 45th Anniversary Drive log onto: www.MustangsAcrossAmerica.com or send S.A.S.E. to Mustangs Across America, 6517 S. Kings Ranch Rd. #116, Gold Canyon, AZ 85218

Mustangs Across America 45th Anniversary Drive Schedule:

Friday, 4/10/2009: Kick-off and Welcome Reception - Las Vegas, NV

Saturday, 4/11/2009: Las Vegas, NV to Holbrook, AZ

Sunday, 4/12/2009: Holbrook, AZ to Santa Rosa, NM

Monday, 4/13/2009: Santa Rosa, NM to Mustang, OK

Tuesday, 4/14/2009: Mustang, OK to Shreveport/Bossier City, LA

Wednesday, 4/15/2009: Shreveport/Bossier City, LA to Birmingham, AL

Thursday - Sunday 4/16 - 4/19, 2009: Attend the MCA 45th Mustang Anniversary Celebration (Separate Registration Required with Mustang Club of America Event)

Sunday, 4/19/2009: Mustangs Across America Dinner Banquet

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