1994 Mustang Data & Specifications

The 1994 Mustang arrived just in time for the 30th Anniversary. Long awaited and rumored, the first new Mustang since 1979 was welcomed by enthusiasts and hyped by Ford like no other since 1964. Ford pulled out all the stops with a marketing campaign that morphed the all new 1994 Mustang with the 1964 version. The tag line, “It’s everything it was, and more”.

The now well known John Coletti of SVT fame was the program manager for the development and design for the new 1994 Mustang. It has largely been considered his baby. During the early launch months, he travelled the country with his slide show and stories of how the car was built – supercharged with his humorous and bombastic spirit.

Styling was completely different from the previous model with a rounded and bulbous character popular in the 1990’s. It had just enough retro touches to tie it to the Mustang heritage and a lot of modern flair that made it one of Mustang’s most memorable body styles. It was offered in both a coupe and convertible version. The big news at the time was that both body styles used the same quarter panel stamping, which made the car easier to manufacture and stiffer too. A hard top convertible option was offered but was very rare as Ford cancelled it after only a precious few were made in late 1994.

The interior is arguably one of the best Mustang interior designs ever. The dual cowl cockpit design was artful and sporting. Materials quality, fit and finish, and aesthetics were vastly improved from the Fox Mustangs. It was perceived as being very much upscale at the time. It was offered in black, and two tone shades of tan, grey, red and white with black. A new Mach 460 stereo option offered thunderous sound and good tonal quality.

The all new Mustang was indeed still based on the Fox chassis to some degree, but was at the time of its launch, the only Ford car that was built on the platform. Dubbed SN-95 and also Fox-4, the 1994 Mustang chassis was considerably improved over the old Fox. Most importantly the body structure was stiffened and improved in the area of suspension geometry.

For the first time, anti lock brakes were offered as an option as well as 17” wheels for the GT. Handling and dynamics were vastly improved with a more aggressive suspension tuning allowed by the stiffer body structure. Larger tires and wheels helped too. The new car was a little bit heavier and had a slightly higher roll center, but in the end had a more refined feel.

Power came from familiar places. Performance fans were initially disappointed with the 1994 Mustang GT when it arrived with only a 215 hp version of the venerable 5.0 V8. Rumors, speculation and expectations leading up to the launch had people wanting not only the new SOHC “mod” V8 but far more power. Instead, Ford said that the new modular V8’s would be along by the 1996 model year. What Ford said was the big news was the offering of a standard V6 instead of the previous model’s four cylinder. The 3.8 liter pushrod V6 had been a familiar fixture in the Thunderbird and Taurus offering up 145hp.

Fortunately, Ford followed up the GT with the SVT Cobra that had 20 more hp with a hotter 5.0 V8. Like the 1993 Cobra, the extra power came from a set of free breathing GT-40 heads and a revised intake tract. The suspension was set up for more aggressive handling and offered larger tires with standard 17” wheels. The car made it into the limelight for the 1994 Indianapolis 500 as the pace car, which brought about a small number of Indy 500 Pace Car replicas.

We tested countless versions of the 1994 Mustang including V6 models, GT’s and Cobras. The convertibles were stiffer than the old Fox Body Mustangs, but still offered a lot of cowl shake, particularly on V6 models. The 4-speed AOD transmission is not the best autobox that Ford has offered in the Mustangs, offering a sloppy slippy driving experience that is never fun. Get the five speed.

Overall, Ford had a major winner on their hands that was well received by the rank in file Mustang enthusiasts and standard fare consumers alike.

1994 Mustang Production Data:

Coupe: 48,873

Coupe GT: 35,137

Coupe Cobra: 5,009

Convertible: 19,471

Convertible GT: 27,582

Convertible Cobra: 1,002

Total Production: 137,074

1994 Mustang Specifications:

1994 Mustang Engines

3.8 L – 232 cid, OHV V6, EFI, 145 hp

5.0 L – 302 cid, OHV V8, EFI, 215 hp (GT)

5.0 L – 302 cid, OHV V8, EFI, 240 hp (Cobra)






5-speed manual

4-speed automatic


Power 4-wheel disc brakes w/ optional ABS

Body Styles


Coupe GT

Coupe Cobra


Convertible GT

Convertible Cobra


Curb weight – V6 coupe

Curb weight -V6 Convertible




Fuel Tank

3,077 lb

3,257 lb

181.5 ”

52.8 ”


15.4 gal

Assembly Plant

Dearborn, MI


1994 Ford Mustang Cobra

0-60 mph:

Quarter Mile:

1994 Ford Mustang GT

0-60 mph:

Quarter Mile:


6.7 sec

15.1 sec

6.9 sec

15.3 sec

1994 Mustang Colors:

1994 Mustang Colors


Canary Yellow

Vibrant Red

Iris Metallic

Bright Metallic Blue

Deep Forest Green Metallic

Teal Metallic

Opal Frost

Crystal White

Rio Red

Laser Red Metallic













Interior Colors:





Black/White – Leather Conv Only






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