2011 Mustang GT/CS California Special

One of the great sights at the 2010 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auto Auction today was the all new 2011 Mustang GT/CS in Grabber Blue. Placed just inside the front door, every single person walking into the the event this week will see the all new 412hp 5.0 V8. What a way to welcome the automotive elite from around the world huh?

The car is just brilliant in my opinion. While that is hardly a balanced journalistic stance, the package comes off pretty well on the 2011 model with just enough special touches to justify it as a special edition but not way over the top or gaudy. And God knows we have seen a lot of gaudy messes lately in the name of special edition Mustangs.

The 2011 GT/CS features a new stripe design that fades to transparent, ending at a cosmetic “C” scoop. A new front fascia replaces the busy standard GT design and has a nice set of integrated driving lights. The BOSS 302R Mustang race car uses the same fascia as does the recently announced 2011 Mustang GT Daytona 500 pace car. It looks aggressive without being too vulnerable to parking lot obsticles.


A chrome billet style grille with a pony tri-bar emblem looks right at home at the front while a black-out panel and special center "gas cap" emblem says "California Special". That is a nice touch indeed. To top it all off, a unique rear wing with a more aggressive stand than the regular GT sits on the decklid. A set of new for 2011 19" wheels with a metallic brake dust finish look really slick against the black graphics too. Inside the GT/CS is a nice interior with charcoal colored aluminum trim and leather seating surfaces with GT/CS embossed. So subtle, yet custom. Overall the package comes out just as well. We know our friends at the GT/CS Registry will be happy to see their mission expanded. Photo Gallery


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