Fox Body Mustang Interior Upholstery By TMI Products

TMI Products has been building an  impressive line of factory OEM quality interior restoration products for the Mustang for some time now.  At the SEMA Show this winter we stopped by their booth and checked out the most recent addition to their product line, the replacement upholstery, door panels, and headliner panels for 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustangs.

The package that caught our eye first was the newly released seat trim for the 1984-1986 Mustang SVO. Available for both the cloth and leather seating, the seat upholstery is a perfect match to the factory upholstery and are made specific to the Mustang SVO seats.  Grain and color are correct and perfect for your restoration.

They also have brand new replacement leather and cloth upholstery for  1987-1989 and 1990-1993 Mustang GT. If you own one of these cars you know getting a good match to your tweed cloth is difficult. Getting a leather shop to match the look and stitching of your original leather seating is impossible. Now you have an OEM quality direct replacement that you can do in your own garage.

TMI Products also has a complete line of cloth seat replacements for standard and GT seats for almost all years of the Fox Body Mustang family. We even saw a great looking 1985 Mustang GT replacement set complete with the red piping and two-tone patterned cloth. They looked so nice.

Best of all, TMI didn’t stop at the seating surfaces. They also offer complete replacement door panels that are ready to install which include the map pocket gathers and armrests. They are correct right down to the stamped patters, material color and grain, as well as the fit.

And if you are looking for something a little different than factory, they have their Classic Mustang Heritage line for the 1984-1993 Mustang seats too. You can get the 1965 Pony style upholstery or 1969 Mach 1 look seating for your Fox. While it sounds a little out there, they look really great and might make the perfect add to your customized Mustang.,

On all of their seating upholstery restoration products you an also get brand new molded seat foam to replace your sagging, crushed or deteriorated ones. This is recommended on any interior restoration as the shape of the seats always tend to morph over the years. The seating used in the Fox Body Mustangs seemed especially susceptive to this. And while you are at it, they have brand new head-liner panels to replace your draping or bubbling one.

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