Granatelli Turbo System For 2005-2010 Mustang GT

One of the more interesting new forced induction systems we saw at the SEMA Show this year was the new single turbo system for the 2005-2010 Mustang GT from Granatelli Motorsports. Turbos are complex and hard to make look good, let alone make work well for all around driving. In this system it has to be first said that Granatelli has done well  at making this system look good in all aspects of plumbing and hardware.

Granatelli advertises the base system will give you  480rwhp on 91 octane pump gas and up to 500rwhp on 93 octane @ 8 to 10PSI on an otherwise stock 2005-10 Ford Mustang GT. Of course you go beyond that and you need to look at engine mods to keep it from blowing apart in the long term.

The turbo is sized for what Granatelli calls “zero turbo lag” and “tire shredding power”. Plumbing and hardware is designed for a true bolt-on installation too. The basic package comes with everything you need for the standard power levels of 480rwhp.

So what does that entail you ask? The basic package is built around a 76mm Turbonetics turbo, Tial waste gate, Granatelli compressor bypass valve, stainless steel exhaust components from headers to the turbo, 2.5″ down pipe with 3″ as an option, high flow twin cat system, aluminized tubing from turbo to intercooler and from intercooler to throttle body, twin 221 Spearco intercooler cores, all necessary sleeves and clamps and modified radiator hoses.

For those who want more power you will be happy to know that this system can support up to 800rwhp with additional modifications, equipment an tuning.  Get more information from Granatelli Motorsports.


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