Shelby Performance Parts GT-500 Engine Dress Up

Shelby Performance Parts has been expanding their line of unique products made especially for owners of their cars. They have just released some really nice new dress up items for the engine compartment of the 2007-2010 Ford Shelby GT-500 this month that really blew our socks off. They are very unique and stand out from many of the other billet parts out there for the Mustang.

The first is their new Billet Shelby GT-500 Engine Cap Set. With a starting suggested retail price of $589.00 they are indeed dear but just look at them. They come in a variety of anodized finishes that really pop. And for an extra $100 you can add genuine carbon fiber trim. They are machined by hand in the USA exclusively for Shelby Performance Parts. Included in the 8-piece set us a bottle opener key-chain that matches the pieces. They do look high end and yes they cost it too. Just be sure to keep an eye on your engine compartment at car shows.

The Engine Cap Set is available in eight dazzling variations and four finishes including red, blue, black and satin. You can get them with the LeMans stripes embedded in the design or carbon fiber inlay.

Complimentary to the new billet Engine Cap Set, is Shelby Performance Part’s new machined aluminum Shelby GT500 Valve Coil Covers. Available in the same matching finishes as the caps, these coil covers replace the standard factory covers with a truly top drawer look. They are available in blue, red or black finish or plain satin. Suggested retail price for the Shelby GT500 Valve Coil Covers is $359.00

More information: Shelby Performance Parts


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