New Grant Steering Wheels For 2005-2011 Mustang

This week Roush and Grant Steering Wheels announced a new joint venture to offer some very nice aftermarket steering wheels for the 2005-2011 Mustang. Grant offers both ROUSH embossed and non-ROUSH branded wheels as part of their new Revolution Series steering wheels.

They come in a variety of colors for the Mustang so you don’t have to own a Roush or be a Roush enthusiast to get in on this new mod.

The steering wheels are made from genuine Mustang OEM cores. So the wheel replaces your stock wheel and your airbag and button controls simply swap over. They fit and operate just like the factory wheel because the framework and spoke trims are factory pieces. They look pretty hot.

The wheels are available in both the 2005-2009 and the 2010-2012 style. All feature racing inspired flat sections. Non ROUSH embossed wheels are available in black with red, gray or black inserts.

There is also a black suede option too. If you are looking at the ROUSH embossed wheel your choices are black/black or black/black suede only. The name ROUSH is stamped deep into the leather at the top of the wheel rim.

There is a price for uniqueness with this mod however the wheels retail from $465-672 depending on the year, model, and color you choose.

You can soak up some of the cost by sending your factory wheel back to Grant when your install is complete. They will give you an $80 core refund for all returned wheels. Installation is a more involved DYI but can be done at home with the right tools. The Grant Steering Wheel website has an installation manual online. 

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