SEMA Show 2010: Mustang Gallery Day 1

Our first day at the big huge Ford Fest that is the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas has been a busy one.  Aside the fact that the Camaro is flashing in the pan this year here and there, when you look around you realize that the Mustang owns the strip here in Vegas this week.

We will be bringing you spot stories on many of the great Mustang show cars here at SEMA in the coming days, but for now we will simply share the pictures we have been taking on the show floor and around the convention center.

There are some awesome cars that are downright mind blowing. One you will see in the following gallery is a custom build DUB Mustang. This car has a cream leather interior that bests Aston Martin and a wide body conversion that just looks stunning in its rich Bordeaux metallic paint. Whooo.


And Vaugh Gitting Jr’s RTR Mustangs are the talks of the show. His collaboration with Ford has been very good for him, Ford and now Classic Design Concepts who actually builds the cars with his signature. There are several around the show including the 1969 rendition of a modern classic drift Mustang.

Well enough talk, here are the pics from our first day here at SEMA…..

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

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