BOSS 302 Ultimate Induction Pak From Steeda

The new 2012 BOSS 302 Mustang is hitting dealer lots at any moment and will be commanding top dollar to a chosen few. The higher powered version of Ford’s new 5.0 liter engine shows what potential it has with some minor tweaks.

But what if you want to make your 2011-2012 5.0 GT go like a BOSS? Well our friends at Steeda have been working feverishly on creating a new induction package based on the new BOSS 302 intake, which is a large part of where that additional power comes from. The “Ultimate Induction Pak” utilizes the Boss 302 intake as a key induction upgrade component along with Steeda’s Pro Flow Cold Air Intake.

Steeda says that rather than marketing just a piecemeal solution, the Ultimate Induction Package is a thoroughly engineered solution for both naturally aspirated and nitrous applications.  Steeda has tested all of the package components under severe racing conditions to make sure that complete induction system and their proprietary tune delivers the level of optimum performance under all conditions you may encounter with your ride.

Using advance data acquisition equipment and extensive “seat of the pants” knowledge Steeda has gained by racing at the track and at the dragstrip for over 25 years, the company says their Boss 302 Ultimate Induction Pak is just what the name implies – the “ultimate” in naturally aspirated induction for the 5.0L powertrain.

While the actual BOSS 302 engine from Ford has other modifications, this package will easily get your Mustang GT into the neighborhood of the 444hp coming from that car.  Steeda says that major gains especially at the upper RPM range have been seen in their dyno testing.

Components included in the Steeda Boss 302 Ultimate Induction Pak for 5.0L engines will include:

* Boss 302 Composite Intake
* Steeda High Velocity Cold Air Intake with Cool Tube Technology
* Steeda Performance Tune maximized for total system performance
* SCT X3 Power Flash Tool for easy flashing operations
* Comprehensive instructions for easy do-it-yourself installation

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