Ford Racing 2010-2012 Mustang Brake Duct Kit

As the new 2012 BOSS 302 rolls off the assembly line, some of the hot new parts from the development program are also hitting the catalog of Ford Racing parts. While you cant get every single thing to build your own BOSS 302, there are some key pieces to add to your own Mustang to enhance its capabilities.

Jut released is the brake duct kit from the Mustang BOSS 302S program. The exact same package as on the BOSS 302 (part # M-2004-MB) includes powder-coated backing plates and 3-inch dual-wall silicone brake ducting that’s temperature rated to 550 degrees F.

The kit reduces front brake temperature by ducting air to the brake rotors and is designed to fit the 2010-2012 GT/CS lower fascia fog-lamp opening. That fascia (part# BR3Z-17626-AB) is also available from your local Ford dealer too, and is an easy do it your self add on for any 2010-2012Mustang GT. Add the Ford Racing splitter (part# M-16601-MB) and you have the complete package.

It’s a great add-on for enthusiasts who open-track their late-model Mustangs and want to prevent brake fade and rotor damage due to overheating of the brake system.

More information: Ford Racing Parts


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