March Madness: Mustang Sales More Than Twice February!

While the Mustang has been getting beat up in the showrooms in the past few months we can now trumpet the fact that Ford’s pony car is now on the rebound along with the rest of the auto business. In March, Mustang’s sales bounded up by a stunning 47% increase over March of last year, selling some 8557 units.

What’s more is that it represents more than a 100% uptick in sales over February of this year when Mustang hit the bottom of sales charts with just 3697 units sold. And while the Mustang was still outsold by the Camaro, it was nipping at its heels this March. Chevrolet sold 8964 Camaros in March with the introduction of a convertible model, just a few hundred more than Mustang, not thousands more as in previous months.

The increase in sales is just a part of the overall picture. Ford reported that sales were up across the board in March 19%. News all around the auto industry is bubbling with reports of major rebounds from virtually every automaker making double digit gains this month.

Ford saw the best month ever for the new 2011 Fiesta selling 9787 copies. The Ford Fusion sold an astounding 27,556 units in one of its highest months ever representing a 21% increase. While other models also did well, nothing can touch the F-Series trucks of which 53,272 units moved out. That is up some 25% from last year.

The Mustang is the big story however, with sales genuinely showing a rebound above the rate of most other models. The 2012 Mustangs are now rolling off the line and that likely has some wind pushing sales to the dealers with new options and colors. The new 2012 BOSS 302 Mustang has met with universal popularity and each and every one of them are already spoken for.

Lets hope to see the resurgence last into spring as the weather gets better and people start feeling more comfortable spending money on cars. During their sales conference today Ford did share they see consumer confidence rising along with pent up demand as being key elements to the sales rebound we are seeing.


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