Genuine Window Stickers For Your 2007-2012 Mustang!

In the past few years Ford has gotten friendlier and friendlier toward their enthusiast ranks in file. Not only have they been building in overtime a great raft of awesome cars to love, but their customer service side has been backing them up with lots of goodies.

The people at the Ford Performance Group have been offering certificates and packages for special run cars like the GT/CS. Now Ford has announced a new program for you to order up your own copy of your window sticker for most any 2007-2012 Ford.

The new program is easy and simple. Just go to and punch in your VIN number and you’re set! The window stickers are available for most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles and cost $15.

While you’re there you can also order up other items like an SVT Certificate Of Authenticity for your Cobra, GT-500 or other SVT vehicle. also has other cool items and swag for the Ford enthusiast to love.


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