2014-2015 Mustang Renderings Part I

It’s the natural flow of these things, so we’ll go along with it. UK auto news outlet Auto Express has drafted up renderings of what they think the 2014-2015 Mustang will look like. Like most of the renderings and photo-shops that precede the upcoming models, let us say up front that they are rarely accurate but fun to look at.

That said, we give AutoExpress points for keeping it somewhat real. The renderings are loosely based on the cues seen in the Italian Giugiaro Mustang Concept from 2006 mixed with news that the new Mustang will be smaller and more svelte. In their article they talk about the fact that the next generation Mustang will be a global model. This is to say that it will indeed be offered from the factory in both right and left-hand drive versions.

Because Mustang rides on such a unique platform and has continued to sell less in the States, the next generation must be sold around the world to make it pencil. Thus as we have reported before the 2014-2015 Mustang will be leaner and smaller, lighter and will have smaller base engines to make it more palatable for foreign markets.

That aspect of the next generation Mustang’s fate will at last force Ford’s hand to offer a modern independent rear suspension in the Mustang – finally. The bean counters and less than 1% of Mustang drag racers in the owner ranks will no longer be able to keep us in the dark ages of automotive tech. While the Mustang has always been our Mustang to us, it must appeal to people across the pond who see BMW 3-Series as the standard for performance.

The right-hand drive Mustangs would be sold in the UK, Asia, and in Australia. Down Under, the Mustang has been imported in small numbers in the past and converted to right-hand drive. While these conversions have been done very well by local companies, a true right-hand drive Mustang from the factory will be a major boon in OZ. Australia in fact might be a surprise lucrative market as they love Mustangs down there.

Like other American cars made here and exported, the Mustang may also be built with engines that are not offered in the States, but are for export only. There have been past rumors of a diesel engine for the UK and European markets. While we might scoff at the idea, it’s not such a joke “over there”. Drivers in the UK and Europe have come to accept diesels as common fare, even in some performance cars.

At the very least, a small four-cylinder engine could be offered as a base power train for export that we may not see offered in the States in non-turbocharged form. Our previous reports have said that EcoBoost four or six-cylinder engines will almost be a certainly for the 2014-2015 Mustang.

In the AutoExpress article they state that dealers in the UK are being told that the Mustang is coming and to be ready for it. Their report mostly states much of what we have already heard but with their renderings of their interpretation of the next Mustang, makes it fun to read none the less.

Here at TheMustangNews, we don’t pretend to know what is coming based on “inside sources”. Rather report on what we see and hear. We suggest on what we know makes sense based in our knowledge of how the product development process works and our past experience with Ford.

Renderings: AutoExpress


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