Ford Racing 19″ Track Pack Wheel For Mustang

Ford Racing has released a new blacked out version of the cool looking 19″ Mustang Track Pack wheel. The wheel which appeared on the 2011 Mustang and carries over into 2012 is designed especially to clean the larger brakes such as the Brembos included in the Mustang’s Track Package.

This version comes in a glossy black finish with Ford Racing center cap. It is available in the same 19″x9″ size the standard finish wheels come in on the Mustang.

Ford Racing says it will also clear their own M-2300-S brake kit and of course it is valve stem TPMS compatible.

The wheel will fit all 2005-2012 Mustang GT, 2007-2012 Shelby GT-500 and of course all 2005-2012 Mustang V6.

It’s a hot looking wheel and has a surprisingly reasonable MSRP of only $234.95. Consider that many Ford Racing dealers will discount that price and you have a pretty reachable wheel option.

Part # M-1007-DC199B. More information


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