Lincoln Flagship Sedan May Share Mustang Platform

Reports are once again surfacing that Lincoln is indeed working on a new rear-wheel-drive flagship model to be a new halo car for Ford’s luxury brand. The move would be part of Lincoln’s plan to expand its model range and become competitive in the arena once again.

A new report by FordInsideNews and a couple other news outlets are reporting that the Lincoln division is eying a new top of the line sedan to compete head to head with the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series, and Lexus LS line.

Reports suggest that such a new rear-wheel-drive Lincoln would share platform architecture with the next-generation Mustang which is due in 2014. The car would use a stretched wheelbase version of the new global rear-wheel-drive platform currently under development for the pony car.

While this has been a rumor for some time, FordInsideNews claims two independent sources that confirm that design study and preliminary work is being done.

Lincoln has been without a real deal luxury flagship for some time. The current Lincoln MKS sedan is a competent entry, but being front-wheel drive is not considered true top drawer in the top end luxury market where even Chrysler and Cadillac have entries.

The Lincoln Town Car went out of production in August, but was barely more than a gussied up taxi-cab. Since the Town Car is no more, limousine coach builders were left looking at the MKT which has been a non-starter for the most part. The dumpy styling of the crossover SUV doesn’t present a sense of class or prestige that limousines must have.

Powertrains would likely be shared with the 2015 Mustang architecture likely including a 5.0 liter V8 and an EcoBoost V6. News is that the new Lincoln flagship if it is given the go could reach a six figure price point with some models and would arrive by mid to late decade.


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