2013 Cobra Jet Mustang build begins

Ford Racing is hard at work getting the new 2013 Mustang Cobra Jet race cars inserted into the first production month at Flat Rock, MI. With the 2013 Mustangs due to show up on dealer lots soon, Ford wants the Cobra Jet on the strips this spring around the country.

The run of 50 Cobra Jet production began this week. Brand new bodies were shipped just down the road to Watson Engineering in Taylor, MI to have some in-depth modifications done. There the body structures are lightened by removing several non-structural sections of sheet metal.

In the photos you can see the rear package trays, under hood structure, inner fender and cowl sections and under roof skin gussets chopped out to save weight. The addition of the multi-point roll cage not only makes up for the removed structures, but adds critical safety to what will become a bullet on wheels.

The roll cage is made of 4130 Chrome-Moly tubing and is 8.5 second ET legal for the NHRA. Once work is done at Watson, the bodies will be shipped back to the line at Flat Rock to be completed. There, the supercharged Ford Racing Cobra Jet engines will be installed along with all the electronics, fuel, braking and suspension systems alongside the rest of the 2013 Mustangs.

We will bring you reports as the build progresses.

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