2013 Mustang outsells Camaro in May

If there was any doubt that the new 2013 Ford Mustang redesign was a good one, look no further than May’s sales numbers to see that it seems at least dealers are buying in.

The Mustang has beaten the Chevrolet Camaro handily in May selling 10,427 copies including both coupes and convertibles. The month brings an improvement of 57% over May of 2011, when Mustang only sold a paltry 6607 copies. The Camaro sold 9,023 copies in May with sales beginning to trend downward.

The boost comes of course as 2013 Mustang production ramped up big time in April. The redesign seems to have been getting a good deal of attention too, being seen in TV appearances, some great new commercials and a lot of ads.

Ford has also announced they intend to boost production in the remainder of the year to keep up with strong demand for all models, signaling that perhaps the worst of the auto market may be behind us.

Ford’s overall sales are up 13% over April, seeing the largest improvements in sales from the Mustang but also the Focus, Flex, Edge and Transit Connect cargo vans. The F-Series trucks continue their strong comeback too seeing a 29% increase this month.

Whether the Mustang will be able to continue its sales push over the remainder of the year or whether it was a rush to get stock on the new redesigned 2013 model remains to be seen. The good news is that year to date the Mustang only trails the Camaro in total sales by about 2,200 units.

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