2013 Mustang poised to beat Camaro in sales for year

The 2013 Mustang redesign, is proving to be a major plus with buyers as we roll into the third month of sales with the new model. Sales continued to rebound from the past few years of sluggishness in June, up an impressive 16.2% over the same month last year and a more intriguing 24.5% year to date.

The Mustang sold 10,263 units in June which compares to 8,835 for the same month in 2011. Even more important to the muscle car wars is the fact that sales have once again eclipsed the Camaro which only sold 9,123 copies in June.

For the year, the Mustang is now nipping at the Camaro for total sales. Year to date, Ford has sold 48,624 Mustangs, just 1073 less than the the 49,697 Camaros that have rolled out of dealerships. If Mustang sales continue at their pace, the Mustang will race past its rival by summer’s end, regaining its title as the top selling pony car.

While these bench racing scores don’t mean much when you are behind the wheel, they matter when it comes to bragging rights. The Mustang had held its place at the top of the heap for so long until the all new Camaro became the shiny new toy.

The 2013 re-style combined with a slate of new options and trim grades are likely key to the growing success. While the 2010-2012 Mustang was a good looking car, the new bulging hood from the GT-500 across the board seems to have gotten more people to sign on the dotted line.

Add in the continued availability of the BOSS 302, California Special and now the most powerful V8 ever in the GT-500 you have an image that does well to move even the V6 Mustangs which actually account for the majority of sales.

We will be watching as Ford continues into the summer to see when the Mustang finally passes the Camaro in the most important race of all, the winning of buyer’s hearts.

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