Ford offers Mustang GT/CS certificate & book combo deal

Ford has really stepped up their game in recent years in supporting the enthusiasts and owners of their cars. The Mustang GT/CS returned in 2007 as a favorite right from day one. Shortly thereafter, a new GT/CS registry was born.

Of course the GT/CS had its base in place for decades, originally penned into history by Paul Newitt, who wrote the original Mustang GT/CS Recognition Guide over 20 years ago, centered on the original 1968 GT/CS.

Fast forward to today, and Ford is now in the game offering certificates of authenticity direct to the owners of the new generation of GT/CS Mustangs, from 2007-2012. 2013 model certificates will be available later once the model year production is over.

We’re telling you about all this because Ford is offering a special “California Special Combo Deal” from now through November 30th if you own a new generation GT/CS. If you buy an official Ford 2007-2012 Mustang GT/CS “Certificate of Authenticity” at $45, plus the new updated and author signed hardbound Mustang GT/CS Recognition Guide for$100, you will get both for a package price of only $115.

You can get yours online or by telephone. In either instance you need to enter your VIN number online or over the phone to be eligible for the combo deal. Time is of the essence as there is only a limited number of the Paul Newitt autographed hardbound books, and Ford says there will be no reprints.

More information: or call 1-800-FORD-788

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