TMI Products Sport R seating for vintage Mustangs


Our friends at TMI Products in Corona, CA have without question become one of the top manufacturers of reproduction interior products for the restoration of Mustangs.

Since beginning with factory OE style upholstery products, they have expanded to offer options for almost years of Mustangs for both stock OE replacements as well as custom seating and interior trims.

For owners of 1964-73 Mustangs, TMI has just released their new “Sport R” seat upholstery and pad sets which transform your stock Mustang seats into well bolstered, modern looking seats.

The new sets which come for all three generations of classic Mustang offer you a great turn-key approach if you are building a restomod or custom driver that needs to be comfortable but still staying true to the original hardware.

The TMI third generation sport seat sets offer contrast stitching, “UniSuede” inserts which retain the stock factory patterns for your year, and have significantly increased side bolsters.

Installing the upholstery and padding can be done on your own stock seat frames, allowing you to go back to factory stock upholstery down the road. The sets use all factory attachment points.

The sets are offered for all generations including high-back styles into the 71-73 years which have seen an increase in resto-mod popularity in the last few years.

Pricing for the upholstery sets starts at $366.95 and padding sets that go with them start at $147.95. So a complete makeover of your interior can be done quite reasonably, and a number of color options are available.

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