2014 Saleen S351 debuts at Knotts


When Steve Saleen unveiled renderings of the new 2014 S351 Mustang at the LA Auto Show last fall it sent a ripple through the waters of Lake Mustang, letting people know that bigger waves were on the way.

To follow up that rendering, this weekend the first Saleen S351 made its public debut at Knott’s, offering up 700 horsepower of wave making thrust, a new custom shade of paint, and some great looking 20″ black chrome wheels.

At a private showing the night before the Fabulous Fords Forever show at Buena Park, the 2014 S351 in “Orange County Orange” rolled out of the factory door, showing its bright reflective hue to a small group of visitors.

The new top of the line Saleen S351 was being prepped late into the night with last minute details for its presentation at Sunday’s show. With a larger displacement 5.8 liter version of the Coyote V8 and a Saleen supercharger, the 700 horsepower engine casts a line back to one of Saleen’s heritage models bearing the 351 moniker.

The new Red Butterfly hood brings a visual to the S351 which opens at the drop of the accelerator, much like the blower throttle plates on an NHRA dragster. The look is captivating and brings some whimsical fun to a car that will give competition from Roush and Shelby some pause.

At Sunday’s show at Knotts the S351 made its appearance to a crowd of thousands of onlookers, the pearlescent orange being visible from the hundreds of yards away. The Saleen booth was packed all day with fans and enthusiasts getting photos.

With the completion of this first car, Steve Saleen says that production of the S351 will begin this spring. The convertible S351 seen here with custom paint color will price out at close to $100,000. If you go with Ford factory colors you will be down in the $80,000 range.

The new 2014 S351 will be a very rare model as the production run for the last year of the S-197 Mustang will be short. While the S351 has always been very limited in production this one will be indeed power in the hands of few.

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