2015 Mustang may lose Shelby GT-500 nameplate


As spy photos like this one above from Paultan.org and many other sources begin popping up all over the metaverse, so is news and details about the coming 2015 Mustang.

Among the latest news tidbits is that the Shelby name may very will be left for the memory of the GT-500 which Carroll Shelby himself signed off on before he passed away.

The current 2013-2014 Shelby GT-500 is a car we always said would be a high water mark for big engined performance, and it sounds like it will be so.

Word is that the next generation 2015 Mustang will have a high performance variant to take the place of the GT-500 at the top of the line, but will not be called a Shelby GT-500.

Additionally, as we had long speculated, the 5.8 liter DOHC supercharged modular engine who’s roots date back to the 1990’s is also to be retired.

What is in its place is unclear. Rumors speculate a naturally aspirated 5.0 liter or a twin turbocharged 5.0 liter V8 will power the next top Mustang.

It is thought that the new car will wear the SVT badge once again, and perhaps Cobra nomenclature. This would be a welcome development for many of the loyal SVT owners and enthusiasts who have missed the moniker.

Also this week news has come from Ford themselves that the next generation MyFord Touch infotainment and control hub will be getting additional knobs and buttons as people have complained loudly about the complex menus for controlling things like audio and hvac.

This means that before the 2015 Mustang gets MyFord Touch, it will be getting a significant makeover. Ford has kept it out of the pony car to date, but it will surely be available in the 2015 Mustang – something Ford won’t need as an area of criticism.

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