New 2015 Mustang spy photos reveal new face

More new spy photos from KGP Photography have surfaced over at this week. The new photos show the face of the 2015 Mustang clear as we have ever seen. What the photos confirm are a number of things.

One, the NeedForSpeed and Thunderbirds Mustangs we have reported on in the past month do indeed reveal styling elements of the next-generation Mustangs. This is particularly seen in the lower fascia where the lower lip and openings are dead ringers.

Second the new Mustang’s face shares more than a passing resemblance to the eyes and mouth shapes first forecast in the Evos Concept, a car we told you back when it made its debut would be the look for the new 2015 Mustang.

Also shown in these photos for the first time is that the Mustang will inherit some styling cues from the rest of Ford’s arsenal. You can see the trapezoidal grille bars which we have seen on other Ford performance cars such as the Focus ST.

2015-Ford-Mustang-1The headlamps are very similar to that of the Ford Fusion and Evos show car, but the grille design takes on a much more “Mustang” appearance. The Mustang running pony can be seen faintly in these photos as well.

The roof line of the Mustang still remains hidden under a good deal of camouflage. There is an obvious and deliberate attempt to mask its greenhouse and C-Pillar area which leads us to believe there may be more than predicted under that padded vinyl.

While not much of the rear flank has yet been shown, the lower fascia and exhaust don’t veer far from the current Shelby GT-500’s style. If you love the shiny muffler look under the bumper, you won’t be let down with this new pony.

Overall however the next-generation Mustang appears to have a slight shrinkage as well as a lower silhouette. A shorter rear overhang and lower hood line all make it look well proportioned, and immediately recognizable as the Mustang.

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