2015 Mustang colors: What’s your favorite?


While the first cars which made the big debut were all Race Red or Magnetic, there’s a whole palette of colors you will be able to order your 2015 Mustang in when the car makes its launch in summer of 2014.

There are initially ten colors on the list which include some old favorites as well as a few new intriguing shades. The good news is that at least for 2015, Ford has kept it simple with solid colors that don’t confuse the light or blind you with day glow pearls.

Race Red, Deep Impact Blue, Ruby Red, Ingot Silver, Black and Oxford White carry over from the 2014 model year as expected. These are the core colors which top the sales charts. You don’t mess with success.

Competition Orange makes a comeback, a color which appeared in 2003, 2004 and returned again for the BOSS 302 in 2012. It’s a nice non-metallic orange that has a bit of a burnt tone to it in shade but can almost be “grabber” in the sun.

A welcome new shade is Triple Yellow, another bold non-metallic and simply solid color for the palette. It’s been since 2006 that Ford offered a simple bold yellow on the Mustang when Screaming Yellow was very popular.

With three shades of silver including the carryover Ingot Silver, Ford adds two new and interesting shades here.

There’s Magnetic which is a mid-tone and a new and intriguing shade called Guard. Both should prove to be very popular, though Guard shows itself to be a menacing power. It’s dark charcoal tone mixed with something extra will be something to see in the flesh.

The 2015 Mustang website shows these colors in addition to a variety of four wheel options. It says however to expect more.

2015 Mustang Colors (launch):

Race Red


Competition Orange


Triple Yellow


Deep Impact Blue


Ruby Red








Ingot Silver


Oxford White


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