2008 Shelby GT Barrett-Jackson edition 001 goes to auction


In 2008, we had Shelby fever. The GT-500 was back in production, and Shelby American was cranking out the Shelby GT-H and Shelby GT. The latter models being the then modern day revival of the GT-350 Mustang.

During that time Barrett-Jackson was in the thick of the modern Shelby movement, several “first-of” production cars making the block with huge headlines and a good deal of money being raised for charity.

Thus was born the 2008 Barrett-Jackson Edition Shelby GT. The limited run of 100 black cars with red stripes were eye catching and remain a fixture at each Barrett-Jackson auction event to date. Everyone seems to have one for sale each year.

This year however is a little different, Shelby will auction serial #1 of the Barrett-Jackson Edition Shelby GT at this year’s Barrett-Jackson Reno-Tahoe auction. The event starts late this month on the 31st and goes through August 2nd.

“This convertible was the first prototype for the Barrett-Jackson series Ford Shelby GT,” said Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American and co-CEO of Shelby International, Inc. “This unique GT is a celebration of the collaborative endeavors between Shelby American, Barrett-Jackson and Ford Motor Company. We’re especially excited about auctioning serial #1 at the very auction that inspired its creation.”

The Barrett-Jackson edition Ford Shelby GT was essentially a GT mechanically, but had a few tweaks to its 4.6 liter 3V V8, giving it a bump to 319 horsepower. A full Ford Racing suspension, 3.55:1 rear gear cold-air intake all raised the bar on driving performance.

The car to be auctioned features a Hurst shifter, special hood with scoop and pins, accessory side scoops, Shelby badged, a billet grill and a convertible light bar. It is also one of only 10 built with a manual transmission.

Shelby American said the Barrett-Jackson edition Ford Shelby GT’s are the most exclusive limited production Shelby cars built to date. Available in both coupe and convertible body styles, the 2008 Barrett-Jackson Shelby GTs were sold only in Arizona Ford dealers.

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