Why the SEMA Show matters


Each year the gravitational center of the automotive enthusiast realm moves to Las Vegas about now. Unless you aren’t into this realm or living under a rock you know precisely why. If you don’t, lets have a chat about the SEMA Show.

The Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (SEMA) is the “club” of which most aftermarket parts and accessory makers, automakers, tuners and other car geek companies of note belong. The SEMA Show is their annual convention. Think Comic-Con for cars.

While the event started out small years ago with a small collection of hot-rod parts makers, it has grown to epic proportions. The show now encompasses cars, parts and people from every aspect of the automotive world from appearance accessories to shop tools.

Automakers bring their latest ideas in the form of concept cars and custom built showcase cars. Big name and small-time tuners show off their latest ideas. Parts and accessory makers debut their latest new goods that we buy for our cars. In the crazy mix of it all is a wild synergy that just explodes with energy.

SEMA ShowHere we have several worlds colliding all at once including off-road vehicles, muscle cars, classics, pickups, import tuners, custom builders, and high-line luxury bling kings. There is quite literally something for everyone.

If you are into car customization, the SEMA Show matters because virtually everything you can buy for your car started life on the floor here. Many of the concept cars that debut at SEMA often make their way to showrooms.

Moreover, the people that create and build all this stuff rub elbows for a week and have get chance to conspire against us, network, and figure out what will be popular – what will be the next big thing.

This year as I get ready to set my boots on the show grounds later today, my prediction is that the new 2015 Ford Mustang will own the show this year. While Ford got the new pony out into the world a little later than we all liked, it got here just in time for the SEMA Show.

A dozen or so 2015 Mustangs were handed out to various tuners and parts makers to create on as a blank canvas. More still have been built by various companies on their own to show off their own parts and ideas.

These cars that will roll out on our pages in the coming days will set the tone for the first trends of modding. They will showcase to all of us the first new parts and accessories we can get. And for Ford, these cars will boost the brand and image.

This is why the SEMA Show matters. The pomp and circumstance, the gravity and outlandishness of it is the very essence of the automotive hobby regardless of which tribe you belong. It’s the big stage.


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