Ford and Mustang make five of TestDrivenTV’s top ten videos of 2014!


Our partner channel TestDrivenTV announced their Top Ten Videos Of 2014 this morning, which counts down the most popular, most viewed and most commented on YouTube videos of the calendar year. And for 2014, Ford vehicles make five of the top ten.

Showing how popular the all-new sixth generation Mustang is, TestDrivenTV’s reports on Ford’s pony car itself were three of the top videos for 2014 collectively racking up over 800,000 views on YouTube.

Additionally, Vaughn Gittin Jr drifting his Street Truck Concept at the 2014 SEMA Show just last November and the all-new 2015 Ford Edge crossover SUV added over 100,000 views to the mix.

Videos making the TestDrivenTV Top Ten Videos of 2014 were scored on YouTube measured views for the calendar year of 2014, highlighting those that viewers watched and commented on the most. No other automaker captured as much attention and conversation from YouTube viewers than Ford with the Mustang, F-150 and Edge.

Here they are, counting up to the most viewed of 2014:

Video #9: SEMA Show 2014: Vaughn Gittin Jr drifting Street Truck Concept

TestDrivenTV’s Number 9 video of 2014 makes it up on the list even though it was just shot and produced last November on election day during the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Vaughn Gittin Jr. is always a show stopper when he puts on his signature drifting exhibitions and this year he threw in an extra wrinkle to the show, a pickup truck.

As soon as this video hit the web, it shot up the charts and started a vigorous conversation about the very idea of a drift truck, how ridiculous or cool it is, and when are they gonna build one. It was a fun show indeed.

The toughest part of this shoot was keeping the rubber particles flying through the air off the camera lens, a hazard of the job at drift exhibitions.

Video #8: First Drive: 2015 Mustang GT 5.0

At Number 8 is a video close to my own heart and one that’s still running strong, my first and long awaited drive of the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

While many journalists were invited to the big media launch in Los Angeles, I sadly wasn’t this time around. But we did have a very short one-day event in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ shortly thereafter.

The big challenge on this drive was that the many journalists there wanted a piece of this car, and I had all of about 15 minutes with it myself to shoot still video inside and out as well as do my drive review.

Considering most shoots take 2-3 days when I test a car, it was a miracle that this one came together as well as it did in 15 minutes. The drive itself went from start to finish in one take, though a motorcyclist did disappear into thin air about 2/3 the way through due to edits.

Most of the ribbing I got from this drive video is that I didn’t really push the car hard enough. I agree, but alas it was recorded live and on public roads. I gotta be a good boy sometimes.

Video #6: First Look: 2015 Ford Edge

The popularity of video Number 6 on the list was unexpected to me. Who knew you would all want to watch a video about the 2015 Ford Edge in such large numbers?

I should have known however as the video we made on the concept version of the very same crossover vehicle last year at the LA Auto Show was also topped our charts.

The presentation here is produced entirely of Ford B-Roll video with me voicing over my own word. Most of the automakers provide this high quality video for journalists to use like this, and we very much appreciate it.

What I can’t wait for now is the chance to drive a 2015 Ford Edge, because if our first look videos are any indicator, our drive reviews will be popular too!

Video #3: First Look Extended Play: 2016 Shelby GT350 Mustang

The Number 3 video on TestDrivenTV for 2014 is red hot!. It rose high to this spot in just a little over a month since its first posting. This video is as of today, Number 1 on YouTube search for the 2016 Shelby GT350.

Put together from Ford’s top end B-Roll, my take on the 2016 Shelby GT350 as always adds my own affinity and long term love for Ford’s pony car. I have owned dozens of these cars, so talking about them comes easy.

This video is actually the second one we posted in the same day, the first one was shorter and used different footage. No sooner than it had posted in the morning, Ford released the track footage you see here, and we had to run back to the editing room for the extended play version.

I’m glad we did, because you watched it and continue to do so more than any other video we have right now, and I’m betting it will still be in our top 10 next year at this time.

Video #1: My take: 2015 Ford Mustang inside and out

The Number 1 TestDrivenTV video of the year is also the all-time Number 1 video for the channel well over 600,000 views. I had a feeling when the 2015 Ford Mustang made its debut, it would be well viewed. What I didn’t know, is how much.

Last December I went out to Hollywood to see the reveal of the all-new 2015 Mustang, which was held in five locations around the world simultaneously. The event in Hollywood was held at the Chinese Theater with a short pull the sheet reveal which I dutifully recorded.

Like many there, I raced to my hotel room and posted the video which of course got many views at first, but in the end wasn’t that much to watch. When I got home, I went to the editing room and produced a second video.

Like the 2016 Shelby GT350 video, it was when I sat down and put my own take and opinion to the car that it really took off. In many ways it was an introduction from me to you, to explain who I was and why what I had to say about the Mustang had some kind of meaning.

Some of you appreciated that aspect of it, others told me to shut up and just show the pictures. Either way this video was Number 1 on YouTube search for the 2015 Mustang much of this year and your engagement made that happen.

In summary, the fact that Ford and Mustang made it to 50% of the TestDrivenTV Top Ten Videos of 2014 is one of the reasons why I continue to report on these vehicles honestly and open eyed even though I am an ardent enthusiast of the brand. It is our interest and our honest conversation which moves all things forward.

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