Mustang Minute: Looking under the 2015 Mustang


Today we’re turning the 2015 Mustang over to see what it’s got underneath. Sounds kinda creepy huh? Well, there’s a lot of new chassis hardware to see and even some Ford Racing parts, so it’s purely scientific. I assure you.

The all-new independent rear suspension gets much of the headlines for the all-new Mustang, but its new dual ball-joint front suspension deserves as much the spotlight. And from talking to friends, a lot of peeps still don’t quite know what it’s all about.

Instead of a one-piece control arm, the lower suspension simply has to locating links each connected to the spindle upright with a ball-joint. The obvious take-away here is that the rotational axis of the front strut varies here both increasing and decreasing caster angle depending on steering direction.

The arrangement offers better steering feel, after all the Germans and even the Camaro have had this for years. Moreover by pulling the mount points back away from the spindle, larger brakes can be fitted. Nice.

As you can see on our display car here, it has a full Ford Racing handling pack, which are the blue struts, springs and thicker anti-roll bars. In the picture too is a prototype Ford Racing transmission cooling scoop.

The rear suspension is where all the attention is at these days though. The new independent rear suspension has multiple links to locate the uprights, keep them in position, and keep them from jumping all over the place under power.

Aluminum lower arms reduce un-sprung weight while a lower steel link helps with toe control. Here again you can see Ford Racing springs and shocks, also here is a Ford Racing rear subframe with stiffer bushings.

Ford Racing half-shafts are the blue axles you see here, beefed up big-time for racing duty. There are an absolute must if you plan on drag racing or using your car for extended road course track day action. You’re save yourself some heart ache by spending here first.

Like the Mustang that came before it, mufflers are found out back under the trunk. A Ford Racing Borla exhaust system is installed here. Also Ford Racing offers up the side exhaust package a-la BOSS 302 for that rap-crackling sound we all love going down the straight.

The new 2015 Mustang changes the game for chassis refinement and finesse. But the availability of a wide variety of new aftermarket parts from Ford Racing and others also takes it to the next level of performance.

This episode of Mustang Minute is sponsored by, retailer of Ford Racing Parts and most all the brand you know for your Mustang needs.

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