Ford Performance raises Focus ST with 275 horsepower


The people at Ford Performance, formerly Ford Racing have announced a new package Ford Focus ST owners can buy that amps their little crusher up to 275 horsepower.

In partnership with long time tuner Mountune, Ford Performance is offering an off-the-shelf kit which includes a larger inter-cooler, revised intake plumbing, a new filter, a tuner and all the needed hardware.

The MP275 package raises both horsepower and torque with almost 300 pound-feet. It requires of course 93-octane premium unleaded to belt that out.

“The 2015 Focus ST MP275 upgrade is the latest addition to Ford Performance’s vast Focus and Fiesta performance catalog that gives enthusiasts the components they need to take their car to the next level,” said Adam Gair, product manager, Ford Performance.


Ford Performance says that when the parts installation and tuning is done by your authorized Ford Performance dealer, the Focus ST will retains its factory warranty.

Unlike many aftermarket kits that compromise reliability and driveability on the street while also hampering emissions, the Ford Performance Mountune system keeps Focus ST street-legal in all 50 states.

It’s expensive yes, at a retail MSRP of $1,900. Installation at your local Ford dealer may well also cost a few hundred bucks on top of that – at the very least.

But, for those looking to keep their car long term, the price of admission is hardly more than optioning those nice Recaro seats.


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