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Install: TMI Products Sport X Leather Seats for SN-95 Mustang

When it came to restoring the interior of our 1995 Mustang GT, we wanted to replace the leather seats first and foremost. The original seats were cracked and worn, hardened…


Tech: Restoring your argent wheels on a budget

When it came to restoring our 1995 Mustang GT “Project Rewind” visually it all came together well. New plastic trims for the windows, new cowl vent, new headlamps, check. Vinyl…


Install: PowerStop Street Warrior brakes on SN-95 Mustang

It was time for new brakes on our 1995 Mustang GT Project Rewind. A big brake upgrade was not in the cards as we were keeping out stock OEM wheels,…


Mustangs Across America 50th Drive now 400 cars strong!

As the epic cross country Mustang road trip of the 50th Anniversary looms less than 90 days away, the Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary drive is now 400 cars strong….


Restoration: New cowl vent installation for 94-98 Mustang

With the SN-95 Mustang’s one of the ugliest pieces that really brings down the curb appeal of your car when it starts to age is the black plastic cowl trim…


Tech: Restoring faded SN-95 Mustang headlamps

One of the areas that makes our late model Mustangs look the oldest and dingiest is faded yellowing headlights. Our 1995 Mustang GT “Project Rewind” came to us with years…


Project Rewind gets its pace car groove on!

We started on our project car back in March, a 1995 Mustang GT in serious need of some visual restoration. As it will be the official pace car for the…


Video: TestDrivenTV’s intro to 1995 Mustang Project Rewind!

In April of 2014 the Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary Drive will take hundreds of Ford Mustangs of all ages from the Saleen factory in Southern California on a seven…


Fix: SN-95 Mustang gasoline odor issue

A few days in stop and go traffic with the AC on with our 1995 Mustang GT “Project Rewind” sent us unwittingly into one of the most common problems owners…