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    • Pics of the new Trak Pak
    • Oem hids
      I can get a set of take off HIDS for $600 including installation. What do you guys think? They were on an 08 Bullitt. My car is an 08 so I am thinking it should be no problem. […]
    • Some new pics
      Since my car sat for 2 yrs before I got it, I got it polished and sealed today.The dealers don't take care of the cars like we do. Made a big difference. Also recently got the windows tinted, and went on a cruise with a friend and his 65 today. Image:... […]
    • looking for good cams
      i got a 02 360r. basic set up. bbk cai, tb, mac pro chamber, slp loud mouth. i tuned it all with the sct prp and made like 364 hp 385 tq i believe but ill have to check my papers. any way im looking to break 400 hp anybody get good results with a certain cam? i was looking into mph cams a while... […]
    • rims
      ok so i got the oem roush wheels brand new never mounted powdercoated white 18*9 and 18*10 i have the fr500 mint not a blemish also 18( and 18*10. but for some reason im looking for a set of elenor rims with the knock of style in 18*9 and 18*10. does anyone know if they are evn made has anyone ever... […]
    • New Pic
      Just posting a new pic of the stang...she just pasted 10K miles yesterday. […]
    • New Guy would love info!
      I just purchased a 2008 427R Trak Pak and love it so far. I am trying to attach pics below. It is #39 of 100 Red with Black graphics and if anyone know any history or previous owners of this car, I would love to hear from you. I seem to be illiterate when it comes to uploding images. will... […]
    • Mustang Madness pics...
      I probably should have posted this BEFORE the event, but it was last night at , Long McArthur Ford, a local Roush dealer... We have a small group, the Fort Riley Mustang Club, and some of us got together and attended last night.. There were three other 07 427R... […]
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    • Rumored: 2013 GT-500 Gets More Inches, More Power
      Car and Driver magazine is reporting that the gurus at SVT have been working on the next level for the 2013 Shelby GT-500. Their sources and ours indicate that there is big news on the horizon including some major engine upgrades. It is reported that the 2013 Shelby GT-500 will get an increase in displacement from [...] […]
    • EcoBoost F-150 Scores At Baja 1000
      The Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 desert endurance race has a little of everything to test man and machine to the extreme. Open ground at wide open throttle, followed by harsh deceleration. Bone-jarring jumps. Temperature extremes. Mountain climbs. Shifting terrain. Dunes full of engine-choking sand. The Ford F-150 EcoBoost race truck with the torture-tested “hero” […]
    • SVT Raptor To Hit Dakar Rally
      In six short weeks, international automotive journalist Sue Mead, the first American female Driver of Record in the Dakar Rally, will join professional off-road racer Darren Skilton, also of the U.S., as the duo share driving and navigational duties. The 6,000-mile-long route will take them from the Atlantic-coastal town of Buenos Aires, Argentina, along a c […]
    • 2012 Ford Focus ST At LA Auto Show!
      At the Los Angeles Auto Show Ford showed off its new high performance 2012 Ford Focus ST the United States has been waiting for. For the first time, one common Focus ST model is being developed and built for worldwide markets. The Focus ST development program is administered by Ford’s global performance vehicles group, which comprises [...] […]
    • SEMA Show 2010: Ford Focus ST Racing Programs Announced
      At the Ford stand here at the SEMA Show, Ford revealed plans to leverage the all-new Focus for motorsports by supporting the development of a next-generation touring car for global competition – the latest indication of the company’s comprehensive approach to leveraging its global product platforms. The move extends Ford’s reputation for offering race-capabl […]
    • Shelby American Billet Fuel Rails
      Shelby American has just rolled out some new precision machined billet fuel rails for the 2005-2010 Mustang GT 4.6 and the 2007-2012 Ford Shelby GT-500 5.4 engines. The new mod provides a nice visual under your hood with SHELBY engraved in the stout looking aluminum. They also provide better flow too with an 11/16″ inner diameter [...] […]