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2007 Detroit Auto Show

Exclusive Coverage: 2007 North American International Auto Show - Detroit, MI

Photos and Text by Sam Haymart

01/10/07: The Detroit Auto Show 2007 for the Big Three Automakers was the opportunity to tell the world that the kids are alright. All three American brands showed off some great new metal in the way of production cars and concepts. GM had a great many new production cars to show including the 2008 Cadillac CTS, 2008 Chevrolet Malibu and others. They debuted a sexy looking Camaro Convertible concept car as well. More on that later. Daimler Chrysler of rolled out some rakish concepts as well as some new production models. These included a face-lifted 2008 Dodge Magnum wagon, an all new 2008 Dodge Avenger sedan, and a set of rather stodgy looking 2008 Dodge and Chrysler minivans to replace the current styles.

Ford was of course our reason for covering the show, so we camped out at their press conferences and spent most of our time at their booth. We can tell you that while there was not much news this year at Detroit about the Mustang, there were a lot of Mustang related cars. This of course would be the mean sounding Ford Interceptor and svelte Lincoln MKR concept cars, both which rode upon a stretched Mustang’s chassis. Photos and information on both cars were released ahead of the show, taking away some of the surprise but seeing and hearing them in person was worth the trip. The Ford Airstream concept was this year’s “pie-in-the-sky” design trip that took inspiration from the Airstream travel trailers in its theme. It was cute and fun to look at, but not coming to a production line anytime soon.

More important for Ford were some of the production cars that they announced. The 2008 Ford Super Duty and 2008 Escape models were shown, but had debuted last year. The stars at Detroit were the all-new 2008 Ford Focus that was more than we expected, and the slightly redesigned 2008 Ford Five Hundred. We have full reports all of these vehicles below. Enjoy!

2007 Detroit Auto Show Concept: Ford Interceptor Sedan


Soul of a Mustang FR-500C, body of an executive hauler from hell. ►Go There!

2007 Detroit Auto Show

Concept: Lincoln MK-R Sedan


The future of Lincoln design with rear wheel drive! ►Full Story

2007 Detroit Auto Show

Debut: Ford redesigns Focus for 2008


Ford responds to the clatter by offering a true re-design of the venerable Focus. ►Full Story

Concept: Ford Airstream Hybrid Crossover


A new take on hydrogen/electric transportation ►Full Story

Debut: 2008 Ford Five Hundred


A well needed facelift for the bread and butter buyers finally comes. ►Full Story

Married: Ford and Microsoft debut "Sync"


Ford signs exclusive deal for "Microsoft Auto" operating system just for you. ►Full Story


Ford Booth: TMN 2007 NAIAS Ford Gallery


Check out the all the delectible sights at the Ford Booth! ►Go There!

All the Rest : TMN 2007 NAIAS Gallery

See our gallery of photography and news bits about everything else you need to know from this year's show! ►Go There!

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Fender Gills are the latest fad this year. New production models and concept cars from several manufactures sported this latest design trend. ►Full Story

2007 Detroit Auto Show

Purple is coming back to a showroom near you. Ford, GM and others were showing off fresh production cars with metallic purple hues.

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