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TheMustangNews 2008 SEMA Show Coverage

SEMA Show 2008: 600hp Electric Ford 2009 F-150

Staff Report / SEMA News

An icon gets a modern-day rethink!

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10-30-08: The electric Hi-Pa Drive Ford F-150 concept vehicle uses one of the world's favorite pickups to demonstrate what OEM and specialty-equipment innovators can do today to make powerful, profitable vehicles that are clean and fun to drive. Built by U.K.-based PML Flightlink in collaboration with Ford, the F-150 concept is powered by four in-wheel motors that can deliver 600 combined horsepower. It will be on display at the 2008 SEMA Show in the Ford Motor Company booth (#22200, Central Hall).

Hi-Pa Drive effectively replaces the mechanical drivetrain, gearbox, transmission, engine, exhaust, gas tank and the differential in the F-150 concept vehicle, freeing up space for a 40-kilowatt battery under the chassis with no loss of load space. The Hi-Pa Drive system acts as a motor that delivers over 150 hp per wheel and a powerful generator that recaptures more of the kinetic energy lost during braking than other hybrid technologies, according to project representatives.


Each 66-lb. motor delivers over 150 lb.-ft. of torque where it matters most-in the wheel-at any speed. Together, the four motors installed on the F-150 deliver more power and torque than the 320-hp 5.4L V8 that was removed from the truck.

The master vehicle controller included in the system gives designers the option to control each wheel independently or as a single unit-the truest form of all-wheel drive. The light, compact nature of the Hi-Pa Drive system makes it simple to install on almost any vehicle and easy for systems integrators to create new applications and designs that meet a wide variety of needs.

The compact motor can fit almost anywhere-in the wheel, on standard bearings or on dead axles and other small spaces. The system allows designers and builders to eliminate the oil, carbon emissions and cost from the vehicle while adding power, room, performance and driver control.


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