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TheMustangNews 2008 SEMA Show Coverage

SEMA Show 2008: A Ford Show Vehicle Preview Part 3

Staff Report

Ford Flexes the crowds with hot versions of their crossover!

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10-31-08: The already daring design of the all-new 2009 Ford Flex lends itself to a wide range of opportunities for customers who want to add personality to their vehicle.

More than a dozen aftermarket designers will display their unique, “tricked-out” interpretations of Ford’s newest crossover at next week’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

“Flex is a vehicle that speaks to people with its polarizing style,” said Kate Pearce, Flex marketing manager. “That really is the magic of the car and what makes this vehicle so important for Ford Motor Company.”

According to Pearce, Flex’s customization appeal starts at the factory.


The Flex project vehicles featured at this year’s SEMA show include:

2009 Ford Flex by 3dCarbon

Flex is a uniquely American vehicle with a global appeal. In this spirit, the 2009 “Euro Series” Ford Flex by 3dCarbon is the embodiment of European aerodynamics fused with American hot rod styling.

The bold, dynamic styling transforms Ford Flex into a true hot rod-inspired European touring vehicle, which exudes confidence and street presence. The 3dCarbon “Euro Series” Flex starts with 3dCarbon’s 10-piece body kit that includes front air dam, 4-piece side skirts, rear lower skirt and upper roof spoiler. Add a host of mods like custom paint from House of Kolor, 24-inch rims, super-low-profile tires and unique graphics and you have a vehicle that will turn heads day or night. On the inside, the driver and passengers are caressed by a custom Katzkin leather interior and surrounded by bangin’ Sony audio.

2009 Ford Flex by Catalyst Industrial Marking

Ford Flex Limited is built to deliver freedom, surprises and delights. It is everything life ought to be. Combining head-turning style with seven-passenger capability, Flex is everything but ordinary.

Enter Catalyst Industrial Marking and their history of pushing personalization to the edge with Raceskinz™ Premium Composite Graphics & Accessories. Their take on Ford Flex Limited features Timeless Brushed Metal components that include: exterior lid (roof), mirror covers, rear door fascia, plus interior door and dash trim. The Flex by Catalyst also introduces LIIV™ (live), the first wireless internet entertainment system for your automobile that enables passengers to enjoy web surfing, online games, e-mail, downloaded movies, music and more.

2009 Ford Flex by Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate Inc.

With its unique profile, Flex owns the night. Wherever you go in Flex, everyone will see you coming. Now, everyone will hear you coming as well with this 2009 Ford Flex that embodies the Urban/Hip-Hop genre in a
trend-setting vehicle.

An in-your-face kustom paint job is the primary element of the vehicle theme. From MC, to DJ, to B-boxing, to Grafitti, the heroes and art forms of this on-the-edge lifestyle are depicted in the mural work. The 22-inch Dub spinners top off the radical look to give this Flex a very unique and individual attitude. The theme is continued through the interior with the massive Sony Xplod sound system and the traditional DJ station set up in the back. The two turn tables, and mixer have been set up in “battle” style by renowned DJ Alex G of “Violator All Star DJ’s.” This is a true Urban Flex, with solid roots in the Hip Hop Genre.

2009 Ford Flex by Mobsteel

Flex and Mobsteel are both committed to being anything but ordinary. It’s not surprising that the 2009 Ford Flex by Mobsteel is an extraordinary vehicle.

The trademark black-on-black Mobsteel paint job, custom fascias, along with a host of trim touches and details give this 2009 Flex a tough menacing look whether it’s coming or going. That’s just the beginning, however, because this Flex has the goods inside and out. This bad boy rides on massive 24-inch Mobsteel forged two-piece wheels and super-low-profile Pirelli P Zero Nero tires. A completely customized chassis with Air Runner front struts, Low Rider Depot air management and Mobsteel adjustable rear air ride provide attitude to the max. And, a Magnaflow Performance cat back exhaust makes this Flex sound as tough as it looks.

2009 Ford Flex by Galpin Auto Sports

The 2009 Ford Flex is a segment busting vehicle that combines urban attitude with everyday utility. This customized Ford Flex from Galpin Auto Sports takes that blend to the limit and offers the essence of ‘Urban-Metro’ design.

Created to present a daring but subtle street look, the color scheme features bold Butterscotch Orange from BASF topped with a White Pearl roof design. This look is set off by a subtle custom front fascia and monochromatic grille treatment. On the inside, passengers can relax in white leather Katzkin seats with butterscotch accents while they groove to a poppin’ audio system that features JL components housed in a custom enclosure by Galpin Auto Sports. With its blend of attitude and function this unique Flex is a head-turner and a daily driver all-in-one.

2009 Ford Flex, an Art Car by Lee Quinones for Automobile Magazine

Ford Flex has staked a claim on the streets as a true American original. So has Lee Quinones. He emerged from the New York City subway art movement in the 1970s to international prominence in the arts and in popular culture. Appearing and starring in important films like Wild Style, his work is part of the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum, the Groningen Museum and the Museum of the City of New York.

Automobile Magazine, America’s leading automotive lifestyle publication, has collaborated with Quinones to create a modern Art Car. “Only in New York” is Quinones’s vision of the Ford Flex as an urban social gallery, a reflection of both modern day New York and folkloric aspects of Big Apple culture. His concept of the Ford Flex embodies the determination and power that propels New York pride and epitomizes the frenzied fast-paced lifestyle, where everything and anything can happen in the hint of a blink of an eye.

2009 Ford Flex by CGS Motorsports

CGS Performance Exhaust has added a sense of artistic design and hot rod performance to the 2009 Ford Flex, giving it a styled “Reflex.” The vehicle captures the eye of the automotive enthusiast as well as a sense of awe from the average person. The styling changes are subtle, looking as if they could be factory design. Yet you know without a doubt something is a little “cooler,” although, you’re just not sure what. The “Reflex” has 22-inch one-off custom billet wheels, custom body kit accentuating the Flex’s styling, two-toned custom paint design, re-wrapped custom leather interior, and added exhaust and air-intake modifications. As this vehicle passes by, people will definitely have their “Reflex” checked.

2009 Ford Flex by Rick Bottom Designs

The 2009 Ford Flex has a one-of-a-kind look that generates electricity everywhere it travels. With this upscale custom edition Flex, Rick Bottom Designs has turned up the voltage.

This Rick Bottom Ford Flex features a custom Tu-tone pearl paint scheme and a stylin’ eleven piece body kit. Sparkling chrome moldings and grilles give it a jewel like appearance. A 22-inch wheel and tire package add a sporty attitude and improved handling. Inside a serious sound system and second-row refrigerator will make any excursion seem shorter. This is the perfect vehicle for making your trip to the Hamptons in style and luxury.

2009 Ford Flex by Hot Rod Magazine

Ford Flex comes standard with an attitude all its own. The 2009 Ford Flex by Hot Rod Magazine pushes that attitude to the limit.

This eye-catching, high-performing take on Flex features bold, contemporary style. With its unique red “suede” finish, metal flake roof, legendary Hot Rod door graphics and distinctive Moon discs, this is one Ford Flex that has the kind of character it takes to stop traffic, whether it’s cruising to the Hot Rod Shop in Los Angeles or supporting a Hot Rod Test Car on the salt at Bonneville.

2009 Ford Flex by Heavy Hitters Magazine

The 2009 Ford Flex is a 7-passenger, 24 mpg, head-turning street machine. Heavy Hitters built on the attention-getting style of Flex to create a vehicle that commands, but never demands respect.

The Heavy Hitters Ford Flex boasts all of the finest interior appointments possible; including state-of-the-art massage chairs and a thermal imaging system. On the outside, modified body lines flaunt sophistication and power. The end result is a clean execution that is true to its original form and function. It earns double-takes and nods of approval from the ruling elite and industry experts while maintaining its street credibility and mass appeal.

2009 Ford Flex by Motor Trend

Flex from Ford is a segment-busting lifestyle vehicle for those who are ready for something way beyond ordinary. With their take on the Ford Flex, Motor Trend has pushed the envelope even further. They turned Flex into a ground-based version of the ultimate high tech sophisticated vehicle, the private jet.

The exterior of the Flex from Motor Trend is both imposing and discreet, with subtle brushed metal finishes complementing the black-on-black paint. Inside, there’s a functional pilot’s cockpit for the chauffeur, and a luxurious private cabin for two, trimmed in the finest leather and equipped with an information and entertainment system, bar, and humidor.



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