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Lot 56: 2006 Shelby Mustang GT-H

Barrett-Jackson 2008: Mustang & Ford Muscle Car List - Page 1

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01-11-08: Here at TheMustangNews, we actually go out and inspect about 95% of the cars that will cross the block, carefully review them based on actual condition, restoration quality, and execution. Using the long term expertise and knowledge of vintage Mustangs and restoration we do our best to offer up our own rating between 1 and 10. This rating is of course an opinion, but offers a counterpoint to the summaries provided by sellers and the hype of television coverage.

As the week unfolds, you will see the “NR” postings which means “Not Yet Rated” eventually change as we make our rounds at this year’s event!

Tuesday 01/15/08: Sale prices have been posted. Money was smart today by-in-large. The top quality cars got good money, but the crazy "spend anything" atmosphere was not in the tent today for lesser cars. (Scroll Down For Sale Listings)

Wednesday 01/16/08: Sales are off to a good start. We are adding sale prices as they come. Prices seem notably softer than in years past on garden variety cars and re-creations. There were a couple of surprises at the end on the night with a stunning $82,000 sale on the 1978 Mustang II Drag Race Car of Dyno Don. (Scroll Down For Sale Listings)

Thursday 01/17/08: Sales are off to a good start. We are adding sale prices as they come. Good buys are happening out there as prices remain realistic across the board thus far. Jump To Thursday's Sale List

Friday 01/18/08: Sales eperienced the "crecendo effect" as the prices started to rise, cars got better. We saw a number of tripple digit sales today - a prelude to Saturday.Jump To Friday's Sale List

Saturday 01/19/08: Today is the BIG DAY! Saturday traditionally brings the best and brightest cars and the craziest sale prices. Today we have a number of huge cars coming across the block and will be bringing them to you all day long! Jump To Saturday's Sale List

Sunday 01/20/08: The money was obviously spent last night because the air is gone from the sails. Prices today are far more sober, hold for a few strong cars.Jump To Sunday's Sale List


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Scheduled sales for Tuesday 1/15/08 - Day 1
Lot 18: 1965 Mustang Costom Conv. Lot 30: 1968 Mustang California Special
Custom-built 302 V8 with a 5-speed transmission and KYB shocks. New interior and paint. No top. Why? Because this is a hack-job convertible made from a coupe. 289, Auto, Genuine Cal-Special, 95% restored with Mustang restoration parts. Arizona car.

Review: Wow, no top. Why? Because this is a hack-job convertible made from a coupe. Ametuerish body and interior quality.

Review: Mediocre restoration, crooked stripes, chrome bubbles and pitting, paint gaffes, and so on, and so forth.

Rating: 6 Rating: 7
Sale Price: $21,500 Sale Price: $17,500

Lot 36: 1966 Mustang Custom Coupe Lot 37: 1972 Mustang Sprint Conv.
Ground-up restoration with new chrome, '82 Mustang 5.0 motor, disc brakes and a 3-speed automatic. 302, Auto, 1 of 50. Documented on Pages 47-48 of "Standard Catalog of Mustangs". Restored to original. All numbers match.

Review: Various body mis-alignments, paint impurities, non original touches . Good driver.

Review: Rare indeed and an exemplary copy. Painstaking restoration, clean, clean, clean!

Rating: 7 Rating: 9
Sale Price: $16,000 Sale Price: $19,000

  Lot 55.1: 1965 Mustang GT FB
  Frame-up restoration. Upgraded with a 289 V8, Pony interior, center console, GT lamps, GT stripe, GT rear valance with trumpet tips and a new exhaust.

Review: Nice pony interior. Minor paint chips, chrome pitting, and road wear. Nice clubbing car.

Rating: 8
  Sale Price: $25,000

Lot 56: 2006 Shelby Mustang GT-H Lot 60: 1965 Mustang Custom FB
2006 Shelby GT Hertz Rental Racer #8. 289 4-barrel with a posi-traction rear end, disc brakes, 17" wheels and Shelby quarter windows. Professionally restored.

Review: Rental car means lots of road rash, scratches in paint and stripes. This one appears to have been used well. Body panel mis-aligns.

Rating: 6.5 Rating: NR
Sale Price: $42,000 Sale Price: $32,500

Lot 75: 1990 Mustang Lawnmower Lot 80: 1965 Mustang GT Conv.
Built on reality TV Show Monster Garage Loaded with a 10hp Briggs & Stratton lawn mower engine, a 48" triangular Delta Deck mower and three cylindrical rotating blades. This Mustang cuts down the competition and the lawn. Sold on a Bill of Sale only. Factory High Performance "K" Code. Numbers matching with a 4-speed, Rally Pack and Pony interior. Less then 800 miles since a complete rotisserie restoration.

Review: A junkheap in disguise. Buy it because you liked the TV episode, not because you want a nice car.

Review: Good work, original car. Presents very well. Only minor blems and imperfections in new paint and chrome.

Rating: 3 Rating: 9
Sale Price: $7300 Sale Price: $62,000

Lot 102: 1972 Mustang Mach 1 Lot 113: 1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe
Restored in 2004. 351cid V8 engine with upgraded 4-barrel, automatic, air conditioning, power steering and brakes. 260 V8 rebuilt engine with an automatic. #66,386 off the line. Matching numbers and codes. Restored with Burgundy and Palomino leather interior. Titled as a 1964 Ford.

Review: Runs and other paint blems, engine compartment needs cleaning up. Nice driver car or starting point for restoration.

Rating: NR Rating: 6.5
Sale Price: $22,000 Sale Price: $16,000

Lot 120: 1965 Mustang Coupe  
289 V8 engine with a 4-speed manual transmission. Never wrecked. Frame-up restored to better than new condition.  

Review: Will make somebody a decent buy for a daily driver. Mediocre paint, blems, wear.

Rating: 6.5
Sale Price: $19,000  
Scheduled sales for Wednesday 1/16/08 - Day 2
Lot 302: 1965 Mustang Custom Coupe Lot 343: 1966 Mustang Coupe
Professionally restored. Upgraded 289cid V8 engine with chrome dress-up kit, added air conditioning and automatic transmission. 289 V8 engine with a 3-speed automatic on the floor with full console and Pony interior. Optional factory AM radio with 8-track player.

Review: Nice starter for restoration, nice pony interior. Only minor imperfections.

Rating: NR Rating: 7
Sale Price: $16,000 Sale Price: $15,500

Lot 345: 1966 Mustang Custom FB Lot 346: 1966 Mustang Conv.
351 / 4-Spd. Runs & drives, paint blems, needs good home and restoration. Shelby clone 700 miles on restoration with a wood steering wheel, new power top, new interior, front disc brakes, a 289 4-barrel, "A" Code, new tires and original jack.

Review: Mediocre quality on permanent custom body work, stripes. This one stays the way it is.

Review: Nice overall, minor detail blems.

Rating: 7 Rating: 8
Sale Price: $30,000 Sale Price: $30,500

Lot 353: 1970 Mustang FB Lot 361: 1967 Mustang Custom
351 V8 beautifully restored to original with matching numbers and rare stock Grabber package. No expense spared. Land speed record holder. 390 big block with an automatic, air conditioning, CD stereo and black leather interior. Shelby clone
Review: Nice color and presentation. Minor road wear, paint and chrome blems. Nice daily driver.

Review: Well done custom, impeccable body and fabrication work. Nice.

Rating: 8 Rating: 9
Sale Price: $21,700 Sale Price: $33,000

Lot 368: 1968 Mustang California Spec. Lot 373: 1965 Mustang Custom FB
California Special Mustang GT/CS. 390cid "X" Code with an automatic. Engine and transmission rebuilt. 1 of 1 car with bench seat. Shelby re-creation. Started as a 6-cylinder/auto and now has all the goods.

Review: Good starter for a restoration. Usual rust spots under hood, road wear, pitted chrome, scrathed glass. Complete and original though.

Review: Not badly done, has a few ameteurish touches, but work quality is good.

Rating: 7 Rating: 8
Sale Price: $18,000 Sale Price: $38,500

Lot 420: 1968 Mustang California Spec. Lot 418.1: 1978 Mustang Drag Car
302cid/230hp V8 with an automatic, power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. Completely restored with matching numbers. Raced by "Dyno Don" Nicholson during the 1977-78 season. Fresh 13:1 351C producing in excess of 650hp. Restored to 1978 season configuration. Sold on a Bill of Sale.
Rating: NR Rating: NR
Sale Price: $40,000

Sale Price: $82,000

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