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Video: 2010 Ford Mustang Drifting at Barrett-Jackson

Story by Sam Haymart

Nothing makes a car guy smile like tire smoke!

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01-17-09: Drifting has become a major crowd pleaser in the States and what a better suited car for it than a big V8 powered Mustang. At the 2009 Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, Ford has a variety of displays and sideshows to keep you entertained when you tire of watching rich drunk guys spending too much for old cars.

Of the many things to see and participate in is the Ford Racing and Falken tire Mustang drifting exhibition with pros behind the wheel like Vaughn Gittin Jr. He's sporting his new 2010 Ford Mustang GT in Grabber Blue and what we will call Grabber Green. The car first made its debut at the 2010 Mustang reveal in Santa Monica last November, but without its full paint livery.


Gittin Jr’s car is of course fully race prepped and pretty far from stock. The car features a specially built Ford Racing Aluminator 4.6 liter supercharged V8 with well over 400hp. The engine throws back its snarl through a full racing exhaust that sounds raspy and mean. Something you want to take down your neighborhood street at 2:00 AM just for fun.

At the Barrett-Jackson event, lucky audience members can win a chance to ride with one of the drivers in the drift shows that are put on every hour all day on Friday through Sunday. If you don’t mind the need to take a shower to wash all the rubber dust out of your hair and ears, it’s a thrill-ride that you will long remember.

Can you imagine these guys getting to do donuts for a living? They make it look easy, but if you study their moves, it’s an art. Watching Gittin Jr. line the car up on the needle’s point for a surgical one handed continuous donut around to Ford Oval really shows where the practice has made perfection.

Ford also has an off-road track set up in back complete with water and mud to demonstrate the new 2010 Ford SVT F-150 Raptor truck. Like the drifting exhibition, lucky show goers will be picked to take a ride get some air in Ford’s new off-road super truck. Nice!


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