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Products: ROUSH Threadlocker and Super Glue

Staff Report

Things are getting sticky at ROUSH.

02-04-09: ROUSH has further expanded their brand into automotive chemical products this week with the announcement of two new products soon to be on shelves at your local auto parts retailer.

They are ROUSH Threadlocker and ROUSH Super Glue. The company long known for their engineering expertise and automotive products touts these new adhesives as being unique in a number of ways, not just another re-packaged tube of glue.

The ROUSH Super Glue has a patented drip-proof and clog-proof delivery tip for instance that allows a 12-month guarantee against hardening. The company says the tube design eliminates excess waste during the application and was designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand to ensure greater accuracy.



The other new product, ROUSH Threadlocker is meant to give the folks over at Loktite a run for their money. Available in two strengths; the “Blue” and “Red” , ROUSH Threadlocker is designed to secure any parts that must withstand heavy shock, vibration or extreme chemical or environmental conditions. Also available in the lineup is a ROUSH Rear View Mirror Adhesive.

The company believes that its expertise in building, designing and engineering high performance vehicles gives it a unique perspective on products such as these. “As you would expect, through our ROUSH Performance and Roush Fenway divisions we have a lot of experience in vehicle assembly and have a lot of knowledge about glue and threadlocker uses,” said Jack Roush. “The new ROUSH Threadlocker and ROUSH Super Glue were developed utilizing this experience.”

You might remember that just last year, ROUSH introduced a new high-end motor oil with Valvoline. From the looks of things we can expect to see more new products in the future as well.

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