Roush RST Mustang EcoBoost Prototype


At the Roush booth during the 2016 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Collector Car Auction this year there were many fine morsels to feast. But one caught our attention more than the shiniest of the bunch, the olive drab green RST Mustang EcoBoost prototype.

The unassuming one-off Mustang built by Roush Performance sat between a Roush Stage 3 and the Track Pack Prototype cars.

This is pretty heady company, and it looked the part too with its 3M matte wrap and special graphics that really look mean.

A look along the fenders comes across the RST graphic which means this is the base 2.3 liter EcoBoost powered Mustang.

At least that is where it started. Roush has massaged the 310 horsepower four-cylinder with a huge turbocharger upgrade, a cold-air intake, and a healthy new tune for its ECU’s circuits.

The result is 511 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque – yes from that little four-cylinder engine.

What we know further about it is that it has a Roush Quad-Tip active exhaust system which must sound pretty interesting.

Keeping all that power in check is a full Roush triple-adjustable coil-over suspension system, sexy looking 20-inch Vossen wheels and Pirelli P-Zero’s.

They even amped up the exterior bling a bit with some aftermarket LED headlights by Dynamikillusions.

Inside was a rich saddle leather interior reworked by the gang at Roush, re-hiding those Recaro seats for something that looks dare we say exotic.

Beyond this, we know nothing else. Roush was tight lipped about whether production was to come or not for this high-powered four-popper saying only “an announcement hasn’t been made yet”. In fact when we asked to see the engine, they just smiled and said “no”.

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