Mustang Minute: Roush Performance Active Exhaust

There are literally hundreds of choices out there for modding the exhaust on your 2015 Mustang. Hundreds. But Roush Performance has a new active exhaust system that’s like nothing else….

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Mustang Minute: SEMA Show Preview Mustang Preview

At the SEMA Show, no other vehicle gets more attention and fawning than the Ford Mustang. It’s just how it is, just how its always been. And this year, it’s…


Mustang Minute: First Ford Shelby GT350R rolls off the line

Today was Job 1 of the new Ford Shelby GT350R at the Flat Rock, MI assembly plant as the first production models began rolling off the line. The first production…


Mustang Minute: Saleen Parts at AmericanMuscle

On Mustang Minute, we all know the name Saleen, we know all about the cars – even Steve Saleen’s latest creation in the Black Label S302 Mustang. But what about…


Mustang Minute: Shelby GT350 Mustang Interior

The new Shelby GT350 Mustang is all over the internet, and we’ve talked plenty about it here too. But most of the conversation is about that new 5.2 liter flat-plane…


Mustang Minute: Shelby GT350R Mustang Carbon Fiber Wheels

Ford is boasting rightly so on their implementation of the world’s first mass-produced carbon fiber wheels which come on the 2015 Shelby GT350R Mustang. While the wheels have been available…


Mustang Minute: Easy power adding for EcoBoost

When Ford unleashed the 2015 EcoBoost Mustang, they hoped the aftermarket would embrace the new turbocharged four and offer lots of go-fast parts for it, just as they do its…


Mustang Minute: 2015 Roush Mustang Warrior Edition

This week we’ve got something exclusive for our military members stationed overseas, the new limited-edition Roush Mustang Warrior Edition. Roush Performance has partnered with Military Autosource to offer a new…


Mustang Minute: Air Lift suspension lowdown

You’ve seen the Mustangs dropped to the ground and looking bad ass, and maybe you’re wondering if an Air Lift suspension is for you. Well then stay tuned for a…